Unlicensed San Bernardino Board-and-Care Run Like Prison

When police came to a San Bernardino board-and-care home looking for 23-year-old Trevor Castro, they found Castro and a whole lot more. Upon arrival they found a bucket of urine outside the door, and inside found outright squalor. The discovery led to the arrest of the home’s owner, 61-year-old Pensri Sophar Dalton, who is currently being held on 16 counts of felony elder abuse.

According to reports, Dalton, who was called “Mama Sophar,” ran a prison-like home – which was unlicensed – for 22 elderly and mentally ill residents in San Bernardino County. The home was surrounded by cinderblock walls with barbed wire atop. Several residents lived in converted chicken coops with no plumbing. A bucket was used for a toilet.

“None of [the chicken coop rooms] were up to code,” said City Atty. James Penman. “They had some with padlocks on the outside and no emergency exits, which concerned us because it could be used to lock people in as well as lock people out. The smell of urine was horrific; it permeated the entire place.”

Apparently this is not the only board-and-care home run by Dalton, who had another closed down a few years ago because of code violations. Public records show that there 13 other addresses under her name, with eight in San Bernardino, two in Redlands, two in Highlands, and one home in Los Angeles. Authorities are now looking into the care being provided at the other homes.

According to a neighbor, the city had been notified of the living conditions before, but no one bothered to investigate.

Source: Los Angles Times

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