Health Department Orders Nursing Home to Serve Restaurant Food

It’s not uncommon to hear nursing home residents to complain about the quality of the food being served. The Nevada state health officials decided to do something about it.

A routine survey last Tuesday by the health department of a North Las Vegas nursing home found some very serious food safety violations. Upon inspection, officials found a 16-foot hole in the ceiling of the kitchen that was leaking, it found perishable foods like chicken and beef being stored at unsafe temperatures, soiled and contaminated countertops, and an “overall inability of the staff to safely prepare food.”

So what did the health department do? It didn’t force the 240-bed facility to close down. Instead, it suspended the food permits, and required the nursing home to order food from local restaurants. The suspension only lasted for a day. The problems were addressed and the food permit reinstated.

The nursing home still faces the possibility of citations and fines.

Source: Las Vegas Sun

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