Man Barred from Visits After Reporting California Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Through the years our San Diego nursing home neglect lawyer has come to appreciate the unique challenges faced by local nursing home residents. Many of the seniors who reside in these homes remain unaware of the level of care to which they are entitled. Not only that but others are physically and/or mentally unable to report any neglect that they experience. The particular vulnerabilities faced by these residents make it imperative that outside observers—friends, family members, and elder care advocates—come forward and stand up for the rights of these residents when they are violated. San Diego nursing home abuse can be eliminated only when the negligent facilities that provide substandard care are challenged on their practices and held accountable for their conduct.

hands.jpgUnfortunately, some facilities go to extreme lengths to hide their poor care and silence those dissenters who demand accountability. A story in today’s Santa Barbara Independent explains how one facility with a track record of California nursing home neglect sought to hide its own mistreatment. The article shares the tale of Edmund Finucane, a 70-year old man who spent nearly thirty years visiting the Central Coast Nursing Center. In the early 1980s the man lived across the street from the home. One day he noticed a sign inviting those in the community to “Come Visit Us.” Hoping to bring a bit of companionship to those living in the home that many not get many visitors, Mr. Finucane decided to stop into the home. It was the beginning of a long bond the man would have with many of the facilities residents.

Over the next 30 years Mr. Finucane took time to visit with residents several times a week. The facility’s activities manager eventually asked him to lead some religious services, and he occasionally entertained residents by playing the violin. Over the years he developed a strong bond with many of the residents that came and went at the home. Unfortunately, all of that changed when Mr. Finucane began uncovered troubling evidence of neglect and mistreatment at the home. He became concerned for the safety of many residents and was not sure how to force the facility to provide better care. He eventually reported the abuse that he saw to state officials. However, management at the nursing home discovered that he had reported the abuse. As a result they told him that he was no longer able to visit the home.

Mr. Finucane believed that the residents had a right to visitors—many of whom he considered personal friends. He soon went back to the home to attempt to visit a woman who was expecting him. When he demanded the ability to visit, the nursing home employees called the police and he was arrested for trespassing. Mr. Finucane fought the charges, and they were eventually dropped entirely. Not long after, state nursing home officials completed their review and decided to revoke the facility’s nursing home license “because of serious violations related to quality of care and actual harm to patients.”

Our San Diego nursing home abuse attorney at the Walton Law Firm remains shocked by the steps that some facilities will take to avoid accountability for their poor conduct. We have successfully fought many of these facilities engaging in these tactics, including those that falsified records to hide mistreatment. If you or someone that you know may have suffered because of inadequate care at these facilities, please get in touch with our office and learn how we might be able to help.

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