Common Myths About Elder Abuse in San Diego County

jorge-lopez-284336-copy-300x200If you have an elderly parent or loved one who may soon need nursing home care in San Diego County, it is important to get the facts about skilled nursing care and risks of elder abuse in California. When you get the facts, it is essential to identify the common myths that persist when it comes to nursing home abuse and neglect. An article in Forbes discusses some common misconceptions about elder abuse, and we want to elaborate on those misconceptions to ensure you have the information you need when it comes to choosing a nursing home and identifying signs of abuse or neglect. 

Myth 1: Expensive Nursing Homes are Less Likely to be Places Where Abuse or Neglect Occurs

Nursing home abuse can occur at any facility, regardless of the price tag. Do not be fooled into thinking that the more a nursing home costs, the less likely the chances are of nursing home abuse happening there.

Myth 2: If a Nursing Home Has No History of Elder Abuse or Neglect, it is Unlikely That Abuse Will Happen in the Future

Many facilities in San Diego County and across California do have repeat histories of nursing home abuse, but this does not mean that a “clear” history is necessarily a good indicator of the risk of abuse there. Much elder abuse goes unreported, meaning that facilities may have a history of nursing home abuse, but it was never reported.

Myth 3: Seniors Will Tell Family Members or Friends About Abuse

Many seniors are embarrassed about being subject to abuse and keep it to themselves, or they are scared of the abuser and, as such, do not report the abuse. In addition, many seniors with dementia who are victims of nursing home abuse may not have the capacity to report an incident. Accordingly, you should never assume that your elderly family member will report an incident of abuse to you or will be honest when asked about your concerns.

Myth 4: If You do Not See Physical Signs of Abuse, it Probably is Not Happening

Many family members with elderly loved ones in nursing homes assume that they would notice signs of abuse, such as bruises or cuts. However, there are many forms of nursing home abuse—such as emotional abuse or sexual abuse—that either do not have physical signs or that may have physical signs that are hidden from view. To reiterate, there are many different kinds of nursing home abuse that do not result in obvious physical signs and symptoms.

Myth 5: All Elder Abuse Occurs in Nursing Homes

Elder abuse often happens in nursing homes, but it can also occur in assisted-living facilities, in senior living communities, and at an elderly adult’s own private home. Indeed, while we often use the term “nursing home abuse,” abuse and neglect is not limited to skilled nursing facilities. Anywhere that an older adult receives any type of care, that older adult can be at risk of injuries from abuse or neglect. Indeed, the National Council on Aging (NCOA) emphasizes the wide range of places where a senior can be subject to elder abuse or neglect.

Contact a San Diego County Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

When you have concerns about an elderly loved one’s safety in a nursing home or assisted living facility, it is important to learn more about your options. An experienced San Diego County nursing home abuse attorney can answer your questions today. Contact the Walton Law Firm for more information.


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