Video Captures Abuse in California Nursing Home

When Sean Suh’s grandmother was admitted to a residential care facility he wanted to make sure she was being watched at all times. To do that, he installed a camera at her bedside that recorded his grandmother 24/7. The camera wasn’t hidden, and frequently when Ms. Suh would visit his grandmother, he would find the camera unplugged. After finding his camera unplugged one too many times, he decided he needed to find his grandmother a new place to live. She died before he could move her out.

When Mr. Suh looked at some of the footage his “Grannycam” captured he was stunned. The video showed his grandmother being lifted off the floor and thrown hard into her wheelchair. Then, it appears, a caregiver tips the wheelchair all the way back and violently shakes the elderly woman.


The family, of course, was understandably pissed and reported the incident to the California Department of Social Services, which licenses and certifies residential care facilities for the elderly. As a result of the video, the state has shut the home down. They also hired an excellent attorney named Wendy York to represent them in a civil case against the home, which was filed last week, and alleges elder abuse, elder neglect, and wrongful death.


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