Elder Abuse Lawsuit After Abuse Caught on Video

An elder abuse and neglect lawsuit has been filed on behalf of an elderly Korean-American woman who died last year after what the family alleges was abusive treatment by her caregivers. Kyong-hui Duncan died last June while her family was looking for a new nursing home to take her to after it became concerned about the care she was receiving.

When the family’s concerns began, Ms. Duncan’s grandson installed a security camera in her room. The camera wasn’t hidden, and caregivers knew about its presence, but family members became suspicious when they would frequently find the camera turned off when they came for visits.

Though the family claims the camera was often shut off by care providers during routine visits, images taken by the camera during one such visit show caregivers violently shaking Duncan as they attempt to place her in a wheelchair. The family adds that she would often be seen sitting in her room for hours, crying for help, sometimes upside down in her wheelchair, without any response from the attendants at the center. Bruises were also periodically found on her body, while an autopsy revealed toxins from medicines not prescribed by her doctors.


Reports from the Los Angeles office of Adult Protective Services, the incidence of elder abuse among elderly Koreans is on the rise. The report states that many Koreans are reluctant to seek help out of fear of humiliation and shame. In the Duncan case, the owners of the home have denied all wrongdoing.

Source: BayCitizen.org

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