Understaffing Blamed in Nursing Home Death

Johnnie Esco, age 77, was hospitalized because of pneumonia, and her husband of 61 years was at her bedside every day. When she recovered, she was sent to a local nursing home for physical therapy, to help her regain her strength, and then she was headed home, where she wanted to be. That day would never come.

After only two weeks in the nursing home, Johnnie’s health had deteriorated to the point that she needed an emergency transport to the hospital, where she died a short time later. Her family was stunned, and now believes that the nursing home’s failure to provide adequate care caused Johnnie’s death.

“If she had received proper care, she would still be alive today,” Johnnie’s husband Don told KCRA news.

Don hired elder abuse attorney Leslie Clement, who filed a lawsuit against the nursing facility, alleging elder neglect and wrongful death, contending that the nursing home simply warehoused Johnnie. A major theme of the lawsuit is the nursing home’s failure to provide basic custodial care because of a lack of staffing. In depositions, caregivers essentially testified that the facility was understaffed, by stating that they asked for help (more staff), or that they were required to care for a very large amount of patients (Watch the VIDEO HERE to see their compelling testimony).

Source: KCRA.com

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