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While most of us like to think about the holiday season as a time of joy and getting together with family members and friends, this holiday season is already looking quite different due to the risks of COVID-19 infection. For many nursing home residents, COVID-19 infections can prove fatal, and residents of nursing homes and assisted-living facilities may be at greater risk of getting sick in an outbreak at one of these facilities. As such, many seniors in San Bernardino County nursing homes likely will not have the same guests this year as in years prior. 

In years without a global health pandemic, the holiday season is often one of the best times for family and friends to look for signs of nursing home abuse and neglect while visiting elderly parents and loved ones. Without regular visits during the holidays, seniors could suffer the effects of nursing home abuse or neglect without having any loved ones nearby to help stop the abuse and to help get care. This holiday season, it is essential to recognize that elder abuse and neglect will not simply stop because there is a global health pandemic. It is important to understand the signs of abuse and to check on elderly relatives who could be suffering from serious injuries in San Bernardino nursing homes and assisted-living facilities.

What Should You Know About Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes? 

walking_togetherGiven that the holiday season typically is a time in which families get together to celebrate, it also offers an opportunity to keep a watchful eye for signs of elder abuse and neglect. According to a publication from the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA), holidays often are a time in which we get the chance to visit with elderly parents or grandparents, and a surprising number of those seniors could be at risk of nursing home abuse. As the publication clarifies, about 10% of seniors suffer from elder abuse or neglect, but many of them do not get the chance to report the abuse, particularly if it is happening under the watch of a home caregiver or a nursing home assistant.

What can you do to ensure that all members of your family, including the older adults in your life, have a happy and healthy holiday season?

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