Patient Death Prompts California Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit

Residents of Valley Center with elderly loved ones in nursing homes or assisted-living facilities should pay close attention to a recent case concerning the death of a patient at a Northern California facility. According to an article in the Napa Valley Register, a lawsuit alleges that a 91-year-old patient at the Golden LivingCenter died as a result of nursing home neglect. The lawsuit contends that nursing home negligence led the patient, Jeanne Roney, to “suffer multiple falls and injuries including scabies, a urinary tract infection, and malnutrition.” Nine days after a scabies diagnosis, the patient died.

The patient’s family alleges that the facility failed to provide a sufficient number of staff, and that it also failed to properly train the staff members that it did have. Due to such negligence, the family argues that Roney sustained fatal injuries. How is this claim likely to play out? What is required for a successful nursing home negligence lawsuit in Valley Center, California?

Details of the Recent Allegations Against Golden LivingCenter

Roney suffered from dementia while residing at Golden LivingCenter. She was admitted to the facility back in 2011 following a stroke and suffering a fractured leg. During her time at Golden LivingCenter, Roney’s family alleges that the facility was negligent in numerous respects, including the following:

  • Failing to provide intravenous antibiotic therapy to prevent life-threatening infection;
  • Failing to intervene when Roney developed such an infection; and
  • Failing to prevent the worsening of the infection.

During the later years she spent at the facility, Roney developed severe urinary tract infections that were not treated in a timely manner, according to the lawsuit. In 2015 and 2016, she developed urinary tract infections that required treatment at a nearby hospital. The lawsuit alleges that “the urinary tract infection was so severe it could not be cured with oral antibiotics.” In addition to alleging that the facility was negligent in its care of Roney, it also alleges:

  • Facility knew it was understaffed;
  • Facility knew its employees were not sufficiently trained; and
  • As a result, facility had to have known that patients were not receiving proper medical care or custodial services.

Previous Violations at the Facility

This is not the first time a patient has alleged elder neglect at Golden LivingCenter. On March 23,’s Nursing Home Compare reported that the “120-bed facility was fined $18,270” for a violation. Moreover, in Medicare quality ratings, the facility only earned one star out of five and “an overall rating score of ‘much below average’ based on health inspection, staffing, and quality measures.” Over the last five years, 85 known complaints have been lodged against the facility concerning a variety of nursing home abuse and neglect issues.

Moreover, another current case against the facility is pending in Napa County Superior Court. In that case, the plaintiff alleges that Golden LivingCenter is liable for injuries resulting from elder abuse.

Contact a Valley Center Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

The recent case in Northern California should make clear to Valley Center residents just how important it is to be cognizant of nursing home abuse and neglect, and to hold facilities accountable when they cause serious injuries. If you have questions about filing a nursing home abuse claim, an experienced Valley Center nursing home abuse attorney can help. Contact the Walton Law Firm today to learn more.

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