Orange County Nursing Homes Fined After Deaths

The California Department of Public Health has issued fines to two Orange County nursing homes after concluding that negligent nursing care lead to the deaths of two residents. Alamitos West Health Care Center in Los Alamitos was fined $100,000.00, and Huntington Valley Healthcare in Huntington Beach was fined $80,000.00.

Investigators found that Alamitos West failed to give an 82-year-old female resident adequate fluid, causing her to suffer dehydration and kidney failure. When the woman was finally transferred to a hospital, her dehydration had caused an altered mental status. The woman died a week later, on Christmas Day.

The case against Huntington Valley involved the failure to call 911 as a patient was dying. According to reports, the caregiver thought the resident did not want resuscitation if life saving treatments was needed, but the resident had actually stated in his chart “I Do Want C.P.R.” The resident died in the nursing home.

Alamitos West has said it will appeal the citation, while Huntington Valley told news reporters that it has not decided whether or not to appeal.

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