New State Laws Impact In-Home Care Services

Starting yesterday, new California regulations will require finger printing and a criminal background check for all new in-home caregivers before the caregivers can get paid. The law, enacted to help prevent fraud and elder abuse, is not being well received by many providers.

Many counties have complained that the new mandate from the state has been poorly explained, and most are unprepared to implement it.

“We’ve been working with the counties since the budget passed to talk through these very significant changes. We understand that the timelines are very aggressive,” said Lizelda Lopez, spokeswoman for the state Department of Social Services. “But we must comply with the law.”

Many counties workers have said the new laws have created chaos. For example, while the new law requires criminal background checks, most county employees are not authorized to conduct such background checks. Plus, an orientation video provided by the state is in English only, causing problems in certain communities.

The California In-home Supportive Services program has been the subject of much debate in Sacramento. Governor Schwarzenegger contends that the program is riddled with fraud, and Democrats see it as a humane and cost-effective alternative to nursing homes.


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