Los Angeles Nursing Home Fined For Resident Death

A Westlake nursing home called Lakewood Manor North was issued the state’s most severe fine after an 83-year-old resident died in January 2007.

According to reports, the patient, who was totally dependent on staff, lost his balance and fell when he was being transferred to his wheelchair, striking his head on a bed rail. Shortly after his fall, nurses noted bluish discoloration on the left side of his head. His condition continued to decline throughout the day, and the man complained of not feeling well. During the evening, after consulting with a physician, the man was transferred to a local hospital at 9:30 p.m., where he was diagnosed with severe bleeding on the brain. He died five days later.

Investigators with the California Department of Public Health faulted the nursing home for failing to take action earlier, when it was clear the resident was suffering a significant change in condition.

“Failure of the facility staff to immediately notify the physician and to provide the necessary care and services to [the resident]… presented a substantial probability that serious harm would result, and did result in the resident’s death,” the report said.

Another serious matter not discussed in the article is why it took so long for the CDPH to complete its investigation. The resident died nearly two-and-a-half years ago and only now it has completed its investigation. If the family was just now learning about the wrongdoing of this nursing home it would not likely be able to bring any legal action against it because of statute of limitation problems.

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