Improving the Image of Nursing Home Care

file2811310649672According to a recent article from U.S. News & World Report, many nursing homes in California and across the country are working hard to eradicate elder abuse and neglect, but there is still more work to be done. As the article explains, “the next generation of nursing homes is working to shed old stereotypes.” But do cases of nursing home abuse persist?

Changing the Face of Nursing Homes in California

How do most of us imagine nursing facilities when we have not visited loved ones who are residents? The article in U.S. News & World Report notes that, “for many, the image of nursing homes is one of sad, sterile institutions where elderly people are left isolated by family members who stop caring.” Generally speaking, this image of nursing homes is not accurate. We cannot necessarily tell whether a facility is taking good care of its residents—and taking important steps to prevent elder abuse and neglect—just by looking at it. As we have noted in previous posts, numerous nursing homes that have been fined for nursing home abuse or neglect have posh interiors and carry higher price tags than safer facilities.

How can you determine whether a facility is likely to be a safe and caring environment for your elderly parent? This question is a complicated one, and it can vary from facility to facility. One of the ways we might assess a nursing facility, the article suggests, is by the steps the facility is taking to improve the quality of life for residents there. In other words, if nursing homes are making an effort to shed the image of “places where people bide their time until they die,” they be demonstrating a general interest in the well-being of seniors within the facility.

Incorporating New Technologies

One of the ways that many facilities are upgrading to provide a better quality of life for residents is through the incorporation of new technologies. For example, certain nursing homes are investing in iPads and Fitbits for residents, ensuring that all patients who are interested in staying healthy—both mentally and physically—can have access to apps that can help them in these endeavors.

According to the article, providing new technologies can help residents with their states of mind, too. One of the trends for nursing homes is to attempt to turn residents’ experiences into those that look more like experiences of a hotel guest. Some facilities have a concierge available to meet 24-hour needs of residents, and iPads can help, too. For instance, residents who grow comfortable using an iPad for crosswords or other mental activities can use apps to order food or to let a nurse know that they need assistance. In other words, an iPad may be able to help nursing home patients feel as though they are in control of their own day-to-day activities in a manner that residents without such technology cannot readily imagine.

But as the article emphasizes, there is still much room for improvement in nursing homes across the country. Nursing home abuse remains a serious problem in Southern California, and it is important to contact an experienced San Diego nursing home abuse lawyer if you suspect that your elderly loved one is not receiving adequate care. Contact the Walton Law Firm today.


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