California Law Library Educates Public About Elder Abuse

ttronslien-9913It can be difficult for California residents who do not have specific ties to elder advocacy groups to learn more about confronting nursing home abuse and neglect in our communities. Yet one city in California has taken steps to make materials about elder abuse awareness and prevention more accessible to members of the community who do not necessarily have specific knowledge about law enforcement or legal advocacy. According to a recent article in the Pleasant Hill Patch, the Contra Costa County Public Law Library is open to the public, providing “resources to help recognize and report elder abuse.”

Library with a “Special Interest in Serving Seniors”

The Contra Costa County Public Law Library has branches in a number of cities in northern California, including Martinez, Richmond, and Pittsburg. Its emphasis on providing “information and resources for recognizing and reporting elder abuse” is an aim that could easily be taken up in Southern California as well, encouraging more San Diego residents to get the information they need to help put a stop to nursing home abuse. As the article articulates, the Contra Costa County library has a “special interest in serving seniors,” and as a result it targets senior citizens in California in its outreach activities.

The brochures and other materials that the library provides help Californians to understand the signs and symptoms of elder abuse, and they also include other related topics of interest to older adults in particular. One of the special aspects of the library is that it is not only focused on providing this information to family members who have elderly loved ones in nursing home or assisted-living facilities throughout the state. To be sure, the library aims to provide California seniors with enough information that, if they are able, they can take steps to help themselves.

Elderly California Residents Can Identify Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

When we think about people who might be in the best position to notice the signs and symptoms of nursing home abuse, it is not often that we think of other seniors. Yet, as the article makes clear, older adults may be in the position to help themselves or others who have been the victims of abuse or neglect. The Contra Costa County Public Law Library offers Senior Self-Help Clinics that are sponsored by the local bar association. These clinics can give older Californians the information they need to face issues of elder abuse among themselves or their peers.

The computers at the library are also set up to make information about filing an elder abuse claim at both the county and state levels accessible to anyone who visits the space. The library director also provides specialized research assistance for elder abuse issues.

Nursing home abuse and neglect can be difficult to recognize if you do not know the signs and symptoms. If you suspect that someone you know may have been the victim of elder abuse, you should learn more about options by speaking with an experienced San Diego elder abuse attorney. An advocate at our firm can answer your questions today. Contact the Walton Law Firm to learn more.


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