Family Councils Can Promote Better Nursing Home Care

California law allows the creation of “family councils” by relative of a nursing home resident to help influence the quality of care given to a resident. Not merely gripe sessions, these councils can facilitate communications between families and residents with the nursing home staff and caregivers, and also offer peer support for friends and relatives of the resident, and help prevent substandard care.

A nursing home may not prohibit the formation of a family council, and must allow the council to meet on the grounds of the facility at least once a month. In addition the home must designate a staff member who is responsible for assisting the council, and to respond to all written requests made by the council.

The California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform provides excellent resources for the creation and maintenance of a family council, and advice as to how the make the council an effective tool to promote high quality care. (Click here to access the CANHR site)

CANHR also provides an excellent video about family councils, and how they can make a big difference:

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