Dementia Patient Found in Nursing Home Freezer

The unspoken problem with California nursing homes is staffing. Not enough of it, and poor training for those who do it. Who knows what caused this major screw up, but you can be sure it’s related to staffing. A 94-year-old resident of Silverwood Senior Living Facility, a skilled nursing facility, went missing last month. Staff searched everywhere for the dementia patient, but couldn’t find her.

Thankfully, someone thought to check the walk-in freezer in the nursing home kitchen. There they found the resident locked inside the freezer where the temperature was set at five degrees. Thankfully she was unharmed. Still no one knows just how she got in the freezer, and the home, who has a history of regulatory violations, self-reported the incident as required by law.

Mark Mostow, a VP for the nursing home, released this obligatory statement about the resident: “We immediately conducted an investigation, and took appropriate corrective action against two employees. It’s an unfortunate incident, and we’re very sorry that it happened, and we’ll do everything in our power to ensure this does not happen again.”

Want to make sure it never happens again? Hire more staff.


Source: KTLA
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