Consequences of Nursing Home Abuse in Orange County

Worrying about an elderly loved one in an Orange County nursing home can be stressful and exasperating. When you have suspicions or concerns about nursing home abuse but you are not certain if you have clear evidence of negligence, you may feel unsure about whether you should move forward with allegations against a specific caregiver or against the nursing home or assisted-living facility. Many people find themselves in this situation, and it is critical to remember that the failure to take action can have serious consequences. If an older adult is suffering harm as a result of elder abuse or neglect at a California facility, the consequences can be debilitating and even fatal. 

Ultimately, if you have any suspicions or concerns about nursing home neglect, you should talk with an Orange County nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as you can. In the meantime, we want to provide you with some details about the varied consequences of nursing home abuse, particularly when it goes unreported, in California skilled nursing facilities.

Physical Harm and the Elderly Victim

The most obvious consequence of nursing home abuse, and the failure to report it immediately, is a physical consequence: physical harm done to the elderly abuse victim. Whether an older adult in a skilled nursing facility is facing physical abuse, sexual abuse, or passive neglect, that senior ultimately may suffer injuries that lead to infections, pain and suffering, and debilitating bed sores. By reporting concerns about safety at a facility, you may be able to lessen the pain associated with physical abuse and neglect.

Long-Term Psychological Consequences for the Older Adult

Many nursing home victims who experience abuse suffer long-term psychological consequences. They may be unlikely to continue participating in activities they once enjoyed, and they may suffer from depression. These victims can also become more isolated socially and, in turn, more vulnerable to subsequent abuse that goes unnoticed and unreported. Many seniors who are harmed through nursing home abuse or neglect never recover fully.

Financial Costs and Effects

Many older adults who suffer injuries due to nursing home abuse or neglect require additional medical treatment, and many ultimately are admitted to hospitals for extended periods of time. In addition, elderly nursing home residents who suffer abuse injuries may become more incapacitated physically and mentally, requiring more frequent and extensive care. From the immediate financial costs associated with treating nursing home abuse injuries like broken bones or bedsores to the long-term financial consequences of more regular and all-encompassing care, the financial costs are high.

According to the National Council on Aging (NCOA), the financial costs of medical care for older adults who have sustained nursing home abuse injuries can total more than $5 billion per year.

Seek Advice from an Orange County Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Whenever you have concerns about elder abuse or suspicions about physical or emotional abuse in a nursing home, it is critical to report those concerns and to seek advice from an Orange County nursing home abuse attorney. One of the advocates at our firm can talk with you about your case today and can help you to determine options for moving forward with a claim against the facility. Contact the Walton Law Firm to learn more about our services.


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