California Nursing Home Guide

Since a significant part of my law practice involves cases of abused and neglected seniors in nursing home, I get asked frequently if I can recommend a good nursing home, or at least point out the bad ones. That is, of course, impossible because of the sheer number of nursing homes in California and the simple fact that every nursing facility, even ones with generally good reputations, have the potential for neglectful care.

When I am asked to recommend a home I typically refer people to the Nursing Home Guide. A web resource published by the California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (CANHR) that provides detailed information about every licensed nursing home in the State of California, including information about prior complaints, citations, ownership, and the services provided. At the site you will also find a nursing home evaluation checklist, which provides a list of things to think about when looking for a nursing facility.

In addition, CANHR also now has a Residential Care Facility Guide which provides information about all licensed residential facilities in the state. The information there is limited, simply because public information about those facilities is not as available.

I encourage you to look at CANHR’s site. It is simply an awesome resource for nursing home, assisted living, and residential care information.

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