Study Says Non-Profit Nursing Homes Provide Better Care

Researchers analyzing 82 different studies on nursing home care found that nursing homes that are run as not-for-profit businesses offer better care than their for-profit counterparts. In the United States, less that one-third of all nursing homes are non-profit.

The 82 studies were from both the U.S. and Canada, and were completed between 1965 and 1983. Of the studies, 40 showed that non-profit nursing homes provided much better care than for-profits, while only three of the studies found that for-profit nursing homes provided better care. The remainder had mixed findings.

Importantly, the study suggested that non-profit nursing facilities did better in four important quality measures: higher quality staffing, lower rates of pressure ulcers and bed sores, less use of physical restraints, and fewer deficiencies cited by government regulators. Staffing issues, bed sores, and government investigations represent by far the basis for most of the nursing home abuse and neglect litigation in this law firm.

The findings of the study were published Tuesday in the British Medical Journal.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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