Nursing Home Cited and Fined in Resident’s Death

An elderly man with Alzheimer’s disease died as a result of a nursing home’s negligent care according to a report released by the California Department of Public Health. According to the investigation findings, the nursing home resident also was noted to have dysphasia, or difficulty swallowing. While being fed by a certified nursing assistant, the man began to cough and gasp for air. Though in obvious distress, no telephone call to emergency response was made for 20 minutes (something caregivers lied about to DPH). When paramedics arrived approximately 10 minutes later, the man was already dead.

The DPH issued a AA citation and an $80,000 fine for its failures.

The nursing home, Homewood Care Center in San Jose, was owned by Jack Easterday. Mr. Easterday was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison in 2007 for his willful failure to pay employment taxes. He was the owner of a company called Westline Medical Management, which owned Homewood Care Center and several other nursing homes in California.


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