Murder with Morphine by Nursing Home Caregiver

A nursing home caregiver is being charged with second degree murder after the death of an Alzheimer’s patient in a North Carolina nursing home. Authorities believe that caregiver Angela Almore deliberately administered large quantities of morphine to 84-year-old patient Rachel Holliday in order to make her “more manageable.” It is believed that other residents were also given the drug for this purpose, and cite six other Alzheimer’s patients who required hospitalization while under the care of Almore.

The arrest and indictment of Almore stems from an investigation by Medicaid Investigations, who launched an investigation after nine of 25 patients in the nursing home’s Alzheimer’s wing at the nursing home tested positive for opiates. Sadly the use of opiates and other psychotropic drugs to control patient behavior is an ongoing problem at nursing homes across the country. Here at Walton Law Firm we have had several cases involving the improper use of medications, which exposes nursing home residents to untold number of dangers, including overdose, falls, or simply a loss of dignity.

Almore’s next court date is set for July 13.

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