Holidays a Good Time to Check in on Loved Ones


This is the time of year that families crisscross the country to see each other and celebrate the holidays, but it’s also a good time to check in older relatives who might be living alone, and under the care of someone. It is estimated that up to two million American seniors have been mistreated or abused by someone they rely on to provide car. For every case of elder abuse reported to Adult Protective Services, five cases go unreported.

Experts couldn’t agree more. Holiday visits, they say, offer a perfect opportunity to assess the needs and health of elderly relatives, whether they’re living independently or in a care facility. “You should visit with a checklist in your head,” says San Francisco social worker Mary Twomey. She advises people “to look for red flags: Has your parent lost weight, are they no longer interested in things they once enjoyed, are there any signs of physical abuse?”

Read more here from the LA Times here.

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