Gender-Based Violence and Nursing Home Abuse in San Bernardino County

When we think about characteristics that make people particularly vulnerable to nursing home abuse or neglect in San Bernardino County, we often think about age, socioeconomic factors, community relationships, and a nursing home resident’s relative health. It is important to know that older adults are subject to abuse and neglect in ways other patients may not. Nursing home residents who cannot afford certain types of care or do not have family members or trustworthy loved ones in their community to consider their best interests can suffer injuries due to nursing home abuse or neglect — sometimes at higher rates than others. The Alzheimer’s Association also underscores that nursing home residents with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia are especially vulnerable to abuse, often because they do not have the cognitive abilities to recognize abuse or to report it.

What about gender and sex? And, in particular, are women at higher risk of certain types of abuse in nursing home settings? Our San Bernardino nursing home abuse attorneys want to say more about gender-based violence and elder abuse in Southern California.

Women Residents of Nursing Homes Are More Likely to Be Victims of Sexual Abuse

While female residents of nursing homes in San Bernardino County and elsewhere in Southern California can become victims of any type of abuse or neglect, sexual abuse may be more of a concern for women. Indeed, according to the National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care, “women and residents with dementia are more likely to be victims of sexual abuse.” Given that information, it is critical to know that “women comprise nearly two-thirds (65.6%) of the nursing home population.” When women nursing home residents also have dementia, they can be at particularly high risk of sexual abuse.

Who typically perpetrates sexual abuse against women in nursing homes? Abusers can take many forms, including, for example:

  • Family members;
  • Staff members;
  • Residents at the nursing home; and
  • Strangers at the facility, such as service workers.

Other Common Forms of Nursing Home Abuse Impacting Women

It is not only sexual abuse that affects women residents of nursing homes. To be sure, older women in nursing homes can suffer injuries from any type of abuse or neglect, inlcuding but not limited to:

  • Physical abuse;
  • Psychological abuse, which is often known as emotional abuse;
  • Unintentional or passive neglect; and
  • Willful deprivation.

The National Center on Elder Abuse underscores that the population of older adults continues to grow, and recent estimates suggest that more than 15 percent of older adults experienced abuse in the last year. Psychological abuse is the most common, but physical, financial, and sexual abuse are also cited as commonly identified forms of abuse. In nursing homes, psychological abuse accounts for more than 33% of reported incidents.

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