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Nursing home abuse and neglect is not always perpetrated by staff members. New research from Cornell University suggests that aggression and violence between residents may be more prevalent than abuse or mistreatment from nursing home employees.

According to the study, peer-on-peer abuse is nursing home is a problem that has received little attention.

“Given that nursing homes are environments where people live close together, and many residents have lowered inhibitions because of dementia, such incidents are not surprising,” said Karl Pillemer of Cornell. “Because of the nature of nursing home life, it is impossible to eliminate these abusive behaviors entirely, but we need better scientific evidence about what works to prevent this problem.”

Peer abuse in nursing homes is becoming more prevalent as the number of residents suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease increases. Nursing facilities that accept individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s or any other psychological disorders have a duty to properly evaluate each resident and plan for the care of that resident in a manner that protects the resident, the staff, and all other residents of the facility. Failure to do so may expose the nursing home to legal liability. Walton Law Firm currently represents the family of a San Bernardino man who died shortly after being attacked in a nursing facility by a fellow resident.

Several recent news stories, including an article in Newsweek, highlight the growing problem of peer abuse in nursing homes. (Click link to see MSNBC’s article: Nursing-Home Residents at risk For Peer Abuse)

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