California Senate Restores Ombudsman Funding to Protect Abused and Neglected Nursing Home Residents

The California State Assembly voted overwhelmingly to approve Assembly Bill 392, which would immediately restore $1.6 million to Long-Term Care Ombudsman programs throughout the state. Much of the funding to the programs was cut last year when Gov. Schwarzenegger vetoed the Ombudsman funding request.

In June 2009, a nursing home owner was arrested on allegations of criminal abuse and neglect, when a resident of his facility was so severely neglect that pressure sores went untreated and led to a fatal infection. Numerous nursing homes throughout the state have received citations for failing to provide adequate care of residents. Without an Ombudsman program, it is difficult to monitor the care the residents of these facilities.

“We need to take every step we can to protect seniors who may be at serious risk of abuse or exploitation,” said Assembly member Mike Feuer (D-Los Angeles), who authored the bill. “The funds provided to Ombudsman programs in AB 392 fill this important need during the next year. Isolated and vulnerable residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities have nowhere else to turn, and their lives depend upon these programs being restored immediately.”

Source: California Chronicle

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