California Nurses Face Tough New Standards

The State of California has announced that healthcare providers, namely nurses, that have abused drugs will face more stringent guidelines to maintain their licenses. After treatment, the nurses will be required to pay for regular drug testing. After a negative test, the nurse will be able to return to work, but during the first year, will be required to undergo 104 drug tests. The new guidelines state that a single failure of a drug test will result in an immediate suspension of the nursing license. In addition, the state will be permitted to publically identify nurses who are being subject to this increased supervision.

These new regulations follow an L.A. Times investigation earlier this year (and blogged about here) that found several problems in the licensing, certification, and regulation of California nurses. In that investigation, it was revealed that numerous nurses with documented drug problems were allowed to continue working without consequence, and that nursing complaints were taking years to resolve.

The new regulations can be found here.

Source: McKnight’s

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