Being Evicted from an Assisted Living Facility? Know Your Rights.

If you or a loved one is being threatened by eviction from your assisted living facility (or residential care facility), it is important to know that the law is on your side. Under the California Code of Regulations, an assisted living resident can be eviction for only five reasons:

1. A failure to pay rent within 10 days of its due date;
2. Failing to comply with state or local law (e.g. using illegal drugs, assault/battery, etc);
3. Failing to follow the facilities written policies and procedures (which must be stated in the admissions agreement);
4. After a formal assessment (usually by a doctor), the facility determines that it can no longer meet the resident’s needs: or
5. The facility changes its purpose and will no longer be providing assisted living care.

In the event you or a loved on fall into one of the above-reference categories, the facility cannot just throw you out on the streets. Under the law, it must give you 30-days written notice of its intend to evict, unless you’ve lived there more than one year, at which point it must give 60-days written notice. In addition, that written notice must state clearly, and with factual detail, the reasons for the eviction.

If actions are being taken to evict , and you believe you do not fall into one of the five supporting reasons, it is recommended that you contact the local Ombudsman Program for direction and advice. A list of numbers for the Ombudsman in all Southern California counties can be found on the Walton Law Firm nursing home resource page by clicking here.

Source: California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform

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