AARP and California Nursing Home Abuse

rawpixel-487102-unsplash-copy-300x207In Poway and elsewhere in the state of California, elderly residents of nursing homes are facing unfair evictions and what has been termed “patient dumping.” In many cases, these evictions may amount to nursing home abuse or neglect. According to a press release from the organization, the AARP Foundation filed a lawsuit against a facility in Northern California after it unlawfully evicted an 83-year-old patient. The lawsuit emphasizes the growing problem of illegal nursing home evictions in California and across the country, and it also offers an opportunity for families to think carefully about the type of skilled nursing facility that is providing the care for an elderly family member.

Lawsuit Alleges Illegal Eviction of Nursing Home Resident

The AARP Foundation explains that the resident at the center of the lawsuit, Gloria Single, had been residing at Pioneer House in the Sacramento area until she was evicted in March of last year. Single suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, and she requires particular care in a skilled nursing facility. The lawsuit alleges that Pioneer House, the RHF Foundation, and corporate affiliates are responsible for “illegally dump[ing]” Single at a hospital, which meant that the defendants “willfully violat[ed] a State order requiring that they allow her to return home.”

The lawsuit alleged that Pioneer House dumped Single at a hospital without obtaining approval from her family, indicating that the patient was taken to the hospital after an altercation with staff members. Hospital staff cleared Single to return to Pioneer House, but the facility refused to take her back. The patient suffered harm as a result of having to stay in the hospital for several months before being admitted to another nursing home.

This is the first nursing home eviction case for the AARP Foundation, which is joined by the California Long-Term Care Ombudsman Association. According to William Alvarado Rivera, a Senior Vice President for Litigation for the AARP Foundation, “the problem of patient dumping is one of the most troubling complaints of nursing home residents throughout the country.”

Finding a Skilled Nursing Facility for Your Elderly Loved One

No matter how good a nursing home’s reviews might be, nursing home abuse and neglect can happen anywhere. At the same time, there are steps that family members can take prior to selecting a nursing home to ensure that they do everything possible to find a quality facility. The AARP Foundation provides a caregiving checklist with key questions for family members to ask when choosing a skilled nursing facility. Examples of those questions include the following:

  • Is the nursing home Medicare certified?
  • Has the facility’s license ever been revoked?
  • Is there a waiting period to be admitted?
  • Are background checks conducted on all staff members?
  • How many licensed nurses are on duty at any given point?
  • Are licensed nurses RNs or LPNs?
  • What is the nursing home’s discharge policy?
  • Has the facility taken steps to ensure patient safety, such as handrails and good lighting?
  • How do staff members help patients who need help eating or drinking?
  • What kinds of snacks are available for a patient during the day and evening?
  • Does the facility post information about residents’ rights?
  • What are the visiting policies?

Learn More from a Poway Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

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